Deep in the Heart of Texas Cufflink Set

Ahh Texas, the land where everything is supersized: ranches, guns, personalities and women. I hear at rodeos they deep fry everything from cookie dough to cheesecake, and if you're struck down by a heart attack, they consider it a job well done. Texans are real men who ride horses to work and carry guns and Davy Crockett's coonskin cap on their heads. But you, you're either an ex-Texan or just someone who wouldn’t mind picking up and vacationing for a few months on a dude ranch. You can't wear your tight jeans and leather boots to work. The last horse you saw was the one pulling a tourist-filled carriage through Central Park. But you swear one day you'll be singing Home on the Range under a clear blue sky like a true cowboy. Never mind the fact that the last time you rode a horse you were five and at a petting zoo—it must be like riding a bike.

This mismatched brass Deep in the Heart of Texas Cufflink Set includes one Riding Boot cufflink, one Horseshoe cufflink and one Horse Head cufflink.

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