Dark Side for Life Cufflinks

Being good in Star Wars sucks. Much like in life, the good guys get betrayed and screwed over at every turn and the female prospects are so low that the good guys will probably end up kissing their sisters. Darth Vader knows what's up though. He has his army of clones and he's prepared to kill anyone who even looks at him funny. Obviously you will never have the fear and respect that Vader has. This is something that you should come to terms with. At least with these UniCuffs you'll be able to impress some of your nerdier friends, and it's way cooler than making swishing noises while you whip around a glowing piece of plastic (or other object).

This pair of mismatched brass Dark Side for Life Cufflinks includes one Silver Darth Vader cufflink and one Silver Stormtrooper cufflink.

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