Cufflinks for Grandparents

These cufflinks are the perfect gift for that handsome granddad of yours. The idea is that no matter how old he is, these beauties should make him feel better. Let’s say you have a rather young grandfather: this might come up slightly offending to someone aged 55 for instance. But here’s the thing: you’re giving him these very explicit cufflinks exactly because nobody would believe that he’s a grand-father without them! YAY! Greatest gift ever! He gets to be both proud of his grand children and his young looks! With a slightly older grand dad, these are just the cutest, most mature (heh) gift ever and for a really old grand dad... Well hey, at least you’re not just waiting for him to die, am I right?

This pair of mismatched Cufflinks for Grandparents includes one "Grand" text cufflink and one "Father" text cufflink.

Category: Birthdays, Dads

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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