Cricket Ball and Bat Cufflinks

Cricket Panty Dropper Cuffs...

I’m not judging, but I think that cricket is for little girls. I mean what kind of sport is that? Nothing interesting ever happens. If you want to see some real action, watch some football, rugby or boxing. Those are real man sports.

Anyway, did you know that certain sports are considered gentlemen sports. And being a gentleman is a total pantie dropper. It doesn’t mean that you must like cricket or be a real fan. Simply sporting these cufflinks should do the trick of letting others know you're a sophisticated man who only watches sophisticated sports on only sophisticated TV channels.

This pair of mismatched brass Cricket Ball and Bat Cufflinks includes one Cricket Ball cufflink and one Cricket Bat cufflink, both coated with silver.

Category: Other Sports

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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