Corrupt Police Officer Cufflinks

When cops go bad, they often capture the public eye. Remember, carefree-pepper-spraying-dude at that rally thing? I mean, hey, those little whiners might be annoying as hell and even though he was just doing his job (sort of) he still got a rap for it and spawned countless memes online. There are also random (not so smart) dudes trying to one-up the boys in blue. Sometimes it goes funny as hell while other times, it’s not so good for the random dude. When you encounter a cop, don’t run. If they tell you to shut up, you shut up. If you’re drunk as hell, then dude, don’t taunt. Simple rules to keep in mind when you run against these boys in uniform.
This pair of mismatched brass Corrupt Police Officer Cufflinks includes one Green $ cufflink and one Police Motorcycle cufflink.

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