Construction Worker Gone Wild Cufflinks

I once helped my unicorn father build a new pen for me and hell, was it a great experience. Drills, chainsaws, and shovels - it was like a Texas chainsaw massacre, but this time I killed the nails. (Oops!) Anyway, you didn't need to know about the rest, I'll save that story for later. All you have to know is if you see me wearing a yellow helmet then you better back off before things get messy. Trust me, my reindeer colleagues have had a first-hand experience of my crazy construction moments. YAHHH!

This mismatched pair of Construction Worker Gone Wild Cufflink Set includes one Yellow Helmet cufflink, and one Red Danger cufflink.

Category: All Things American, Hipster, WTF

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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