Cones FTW Cufflinks

Smashing ice cream into someone’s face sometimes seems like the best option, you know. The amount of twisted pleasure you will derive from twisting that ice cream cone onto that annoying kid’s bland-looking face cannot be attained by merely throwing an ice cream cup in his direction. In terms of duration (ice cream hitting the face in a single impact as opposed to being smeared all over it), and personal satisfaction and risk (throwing it and hoping it will meet the face in a satisfactory manner vs. ensuring it hits the face by guiding it with your hand), it seems pretty clear to me that you should always go for cones.

This pair of mismatched brass Cones FTW Cufflinks includes one Ice Cream Scoop cufflink coated with black and silver color and one Vanilla Ice Cream Cone cufflink, cone is coated with yellow color. 

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