Coffee Cup and Beer Bottle Cufflinks

Dear Diary,

After partying like a unicorn lost on the Vegas Strip and downing all the beer you could find, I found myself with a massive splitting headache, a spray painted pink uni-horn and sore hooves. I proceeded to stumble out of the colored cardboard box I somehow crawled into the for the night right beside the street corner. I headed to the nearest Starbucks, downed an espresso and realized that I had no money with me. Good thing they let me off the hook and just gave the coffee for free. Like being subjected to Honey Boo Boo marathons, it was like an endless rerun of hell with no escape. I guess there is supposed to be a lesson in all of this but I’m currently too drunk to think it out.


Angry Unicorn

This pair of mismatched brass Coffee Cup and Beer Bottle Cufflinks includes one Espresso Coffee Cup cufflink and one green Beer Bottle cufflink.

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