Club Card Suit and Heart Card Suit Cufflinks

Drawin Award...

Have you seen those card tricks where you can't figure out how to do them, but you're too full of pride and cockiness to ask the person how they did it? Yes, I know that feeling, pat pat. There are just some people in this world who like to learn bizarre things that have no use. Examples include dancing, fencing (who needs swords when you have rocket launchers?), flying kites, and of course, card tricks. Absolutely detrimental to human society as a whole. Anybody who participates in the above stated activities should be immediately given a Darwin award. Thank you for cooperating.

This pair of mismatched brass Club Card Suit and Heart Card Suit Cufflinks includes onen Club Card Suit cufflink and one Red Heart Suit cufflink.

Category: Gamblers & High Rollers

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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