Chutes and Ladders Cufflinks

Every kid loved the game Chutes and Ladders. You always seemed to win: either you climbed to the top, or you got to ride down all those awesome looking slides. My mother changed the game to Ladders and Ladders: I was only ever allowed to go up. Climb the ladder of success, all that bull. Has she ever considered the men that actually have to climb ladders? Not so glamorous, certainly not her idea of successful. She was right to avoid the chutes: no one wants to take a dump like that. These cufflinks can be your own little game. See how far you can climb until you fall back down to earth under a pile of dirt.

This pair of mismatched brass Chutes and Ladders Cufflinks includes one Yellow Ladder Truck cufflink and one Yellow Dump Truck cufflink.

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