Byzantine Politics Cufflinks

If you’ve ever thought about killing someone (I realize this makes me sound psychopathic), you’ll know that there are two ways of doing it: the man’s way and the woman’s way. Men are direct: they’ll reach for their knife. Women are less direct: poisoning someone used to be considered the most feminine way to kill. Let’s make poisoning more manly: let’s use a scorpion. Not only is there personal risk involved, but you have to find someway to ensure that the scorpion will actually sting and kill the person you want eliminated. It ends up being just as direct as killing with a knife but it seems more sadistic. I’m not encouraging killing anyone, but feel free to explain this theory to anyone who intimidates you.

This pair of mismatched brass Byzantine Politics Cufflinks includes one Jambiya cufflink and one Scorpion cufflink, both are coated with silver.

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