Buzzkills Cufflink Set

A police car, a single bullet, and a set of handcuffs. You might as well be Machine Gun Kelly in the Prohibition Era running speakeasys and having your nose stuck in other sorts of nasty business if you wanted to buy this set of cufflinks. But maybe you're that type of guy. But I'm sure MGK had his fair share and run-ins with the law. After all, he was charged with conspiracy to kidnap and bank robbery. We unicorns abhor criminals being caught. The justice system is such a buzz kill! Just kidding, the law is the law. Even unicorns of the magnificent land of UniCornia have to abide by that.

This mismatched brass Buzzkills Cufflink Set includes one Retro Police Car cufflink, one Bullet cufflink coated with silver and gold and one Handcuffs cufflink coated with silver.

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