Bull and Bear Cufflinks

The Gods Have Spoken... 

Now, it's not my fault if you thought it'd be "cool" and "enlightening" to major in B.S. subjects in uni ("But daddy, history is SO USEFUL. History repeats itself.") and can't land a job now. To make your tuition worthwhile, maybe you should've followed your cousin, Albert Alpha, who got into finance, smokes cigars, has models and bottles, and has a $5M condo mortgage in SoHo.

But odds are lemming Albert Alpha is a miserable douchebag (and likely laid off). So buy these über-stylish bull & bear cufflinks for him, to inspire him to get back in the rat race, or to simply rub it in.

This pair of brass Bull and Bear Cufflinks includes one Black Bull Head cufflink on black background and one Black Bear Head cufflink on black background.

Category: Finance & Money

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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