Brushing Teeth With Hotdogs Cufflinks

Not sure if you’re into anime, but I watched this anime called “Attack of the Giant” and wondered to myself, how come Hollywood movie producers can’t come up with an original idea for movies on their own? They always end up rehashing the same thing. If they’re not doing a trilogy, they’re taking an old film and remaking it. So far, we’ve seen the horror (and will endure future horrors) of a re-make of Total Recall, Karate Kid, Carrie, Evil Dead (which was awful), Mad Max: Fury Road, Point Break, Dirty Dancing and even Robocop! There’s plenty more titles on the list but you get my drift. Thanks goodness for Breaking Bad.

This pair of mismatched brass Brushing Teeth With Hotdogs Cufflinks includes one multi-colored Hotdog cufflink and one Toothbrush cufflink coated with silver and has white toothpaste embellishment.

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