British Symbols Cufllinks

Take a British phone box, paint it blue, then add some time travel and a whole galaxy-load of more Britishness. Do you know what that gets you? That gives you the most popular English sci-fi show ever, probably. Sure the fandom is also one of the most annoying things ever... BUT I stillI bet you wish that you could just float through time and space and reincarnate into a sexy British man every time you die. Sadly for you, you're just a normal guy, and chances are you won't get a supermodel companion any time soon. Dream on.

This pair of mismatched brass British Symbols Cufllinks includes one UK Flag cufflink on silver coated setting and one red British Telephone Box Cufflink.

Category: British Invasion, Hipster

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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