Boat and Penguin Cufflinks

The Dumb Blondes of Birds...

Penguins are kind of cute, the way they waddle around from side to side. And they’re birds, but they can’t fly, but then slide around on their stomachs; and when swimming, pop up and down out of the water like dolphins. Cuuuute. Cute? WTF, who the hell decided that was cute? Penguins look retarded. They’re such confused little birds, and if you ever saw a human waddling the way they do, your response would be more along the lines of “Eww, stop.” But whatevs, I guess their stupidity is still sort of cute, kind of like a dumb blonde.

This pair of mismatched brass Boat and Penguin Cufflinks includes one Silver and Golden Yacht cufflink and one Silver and Golden Penguin cufflink, both cufflinks are in silver and gold tone.

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