Blue Beetle and Pink Beetle Cufflinks

Pink Panther...

Ba doom, ba doom, ba doom. The Pink Panther is lurking nearby, cue the Pink Panther music. These cars look suspiciously similar to the one's in the Pink Panther movie. Huh, what a coincedence. Though probably not as auspicious as the Pink Panther diamond, this set of cufflinks is about as sexy as they come. I mean, who would 'hate' on beetle cars? Even if they aren't the best looking, they do symbolize cheapness, convenience, gas mileage savings, and more cheapness. No offense, to all offended.

This pair of mismatched brass Blue Beetle and Pink Beetle Cufflinks includes one Blue Beetle cufflink and one Pink Volkswagen Beetle cufflink.

Category: Cars, On 4 Wheels

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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