Black and Orange Tetris Cufflinks

Sometimes small talk is just too hard. And when you don’t have a phone with you, your cool front just disappears: you are alone. So you retreat to a corner of the room, too sober to bother with people and not drunk enough to embrace your alcoholic tendencies, and you think about the meaning of life and death (or whatever pseudo-philosophy takes up your fancy). Soon enough though, you run out of SAT words to use in your sentences and there’s nothing left for you to do. But something suddenly catches your eye. THANK GOD for cufflinks. Aren’t they amazing? Look at that hue of orange, and that deep black... If you’re lucky, you might even experience hallucinations and somewhat of a trip once you’ve stared at your magic Tetris tiles long enough.

This pair of mismatched brass Black and Orange Tetris Cufflinks includes one Black Tetris cufflink and one Orange Tetris cufflink.

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