Best Dad Cufflinks

Deceased Granddaddy...

I'd like to honor my deceased granddad by buying this set of cufflinks, but I'm not going to, because he would say that it would be a waste of money since he's already dead. I can hear his soulless spirit whispering that sentiment to me. But you, on the other hand, should buy your granddad (or dad) this set of cufflinks to prove to him that he is the greatest dad in the world. That is, unless he abused you when you were a child and was an unemployed alcoholic that did nothing but watch NBA basketball all day in the basement. Otherwise, carry on.

This pair of mismatched brass Best Dad Cufflinks includes one Green $ cufflink and one #1 Dad cufflink in black enamel with the championship trophy for the Number One Dad.

Category: Dads, Finance & Money

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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