Bean and Drop Cufflinks

It is Hard to Find Good Help These Days...

Not very many people know this about me but I am a pretty good baker, in that I tell the staff around me what to do and they do it for me. And it’s not because I have some kind of “power complex” and enjoy telling everyone what to do all the time. I just don’t have hands because I’m a unicorn. I don’t do speech to text, so I have someone type out everything I say. And I do mean everything. My computer guy is named Glen and he likes wearing frilly girl shirts and talks like a girl. See? Anyway I am a great baker and I really love dark chocolate and dark chocolate beans. These cufflinks are making me hungry.

This pair of mismatched Bean and Drop Cufflinks includes one Gunmetal Bean Shape cufflink and one Gunmetal Drop Shape cufflink.

Category: Hipster

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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