Baseball Pitcher and Baseball Bat Cufflinks

Knickers In A Twist...

Buy these cufflinks, or else I'll transform Ness from Super Smash Brothers into an actual human being in real life and tell him to bat your head into the ground with a baseball bat! Never mind, that's a bit extreme. But that game was seriously a significant part of my childhood in UniCornia, though I'm sad they never integrated a unicorn model into the game, or a look alike at least. Too bad. That baseball player on the cufflink does look like he's getting his knickers in a twist though. Cue American redneck with a Texas accent on screen.

This pair of mismatched brass Baseball Pitcher and Baseball Bat Cufflinks includes one Baseball Pitcher cufflink and one Baseball Bat cufflink coated with brown color. 

Category: Baseball / MLB, Still a Kid

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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