Ballpen and Pencil Cufflinks

Commitment Issues...

Let's say that it's one of the few occassions where you're actually using paper. How much are you really willing to commit to your spelling skills? Are you a first-year using the pencil for everything, or are you a MAN using your finest pen? Just be sure that you know what you're really writing. Also keep in mind that crossing out numbers on your adress and having to write really small corrections above that will definitely look worse than pencil (probably). Whether you're ready to commit or not, these cufflinks will have you covered. Show off your ink-clad will or your more graphite moody mood whenever necessary. That's right, I just wrote a whole description about using a pen vs pencil. You're welcome.

This pair of mismatched brass Ballpen and Pencil Cufflinks includes one Silver Ballpen cufflink and one Pencil cufflink

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