Alex Rodriguez Cufflink

At last! We are getting a good cufflink match right here! It’s no secret I hate sports, occasionally I give in. Unicorn buddies can be so judgmental so I give in once in awhile. Out of all the sports, baseball is fine. I remember the one baseball game I attended, I had a buddy at work who was obsessed and he would put on his signature face paint and those big weird “no.1” hands on and shout at his favorite team. One time, he decided to sneak into the lockers to grab a jersey and he got beat up by the pitchers because they thought he was a thief (which he sort of was) but yeah, at least the guys were nice about it, apologized, and gave him a signed baseball bat at the hospital.

This pair of mismatched brass Alex Rodriguez Cufflink includes one Baseball Bat cufflink coated with brown color and one Baseball cufflink.

Category: Baseball / MLB, Still a Kid

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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