Abominable Human Beings Cufflink Set

Abominable Human Beings Cufflink Set swear, on Earth, there is so much sucking up and pulling strings to get around. People in modern times are becoming more selfish, more greedy, and less compassionate. People would rather go on cruises than donate their money to starving children in Africa? What kind of abominations have you people turned into? Yes, I am trying to be a psychologist and attempting to tap into your conscience in order to make you feel bad about consumer choices. Oh I know. To counter this, you should just buy some UniCuffs, since UniCuffs is partnered with Bond47, a socially-conscious business that gives part of every sale to a cause of your choice.

This mismatched brass Abominable Human Beings Cufflink Set includes one Bullet cufflink coated with silver and gold, one Wall Street cufflink on green background and one multi-colored Police Motorcycle cufflink.

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