A Scenic Tour of the UK Cufflinks

Strap on your helmets, kiddies. We're flying a plane today. Fasten your seatbelt. We don't have a flight attendant so I hope you know the rules. Up, up, up and away we go! Ahh, the good old rolling hills of the English countryside. Lovely London sprawls beneath us, ever more lovely since the Germans modified it. Crumbling castles, sheep, and all those picturesque images that come to mind are right there below you. I'd never want to be a Brit (have you seen their teeth?), and I'd never want to live in the UK (the food is way to bland, though the whiskey is a good chaser), but I'd fly with the Royal Airforce any day.

This pair of mismatched brass A Scenic Tour of the UK Cufflinks includes one Green and Brown Spitfire cufflink and one Royal Airforce Helmet cufflink.

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