A Knight's Tale Cufflink Set

Back in the Middles Ages, the most badass thing you could become was a knight. Yeah, being a lord was pretty cool and all that, but when you were a knight, you got to wear armour and fight people. When the king held a tournament, guess who participated in the jousts and won lots of money? Today, the only knights we have are like Elton John, but we still have sports that abuse horses. You can remind girls that Taylor Swift is wrong about love stories. Jockeying is the closest you can come to riding up on a white horse. The major difference is that no one actually wants to be saved by a jockey, and arguably they're too scrawny to save a damsel anyway. Still, whether or not the ladies want the knights we have left today, the spirit of sportsmanship lives on, and fewer people die now that we've upgraded from stabbing each other with lances to riding at breakneck speeds.

This mismatched brass A Knight's Tale Cufflink Set includes one Equestrian cufflink, one Horseshoe cufflink and one Riding Boot cufflink.

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