A Dog's Tale Cufflinks

Dog 1: So, what you been doing today?
Dog 2: Nothing much, just hanging out. Saw my girl, Leila, earlier. Did a few rounds before she got dragged off by the owner.
Dog 1: Aw, man, at least you getting some. I’m all set to head for the vet next week. Not really sure what for. I think they need to fix the fact that I keep leaking myself for no reason. It’s been happening a lot lately. I’ve also been bumping into things a lot. Yesterday, my owner called and I ran right past him and ended up doing a tumble down three steps. It was tough. I think I’m still pretty healthy though.
Dog 2: Yeah, well. Hope everything goes alright. At least you’re not getting the gas, you know. Lots of owners can be cruel like that. They send their dogs, tell them it’s for a checkup or a shot and next thing you know, they’re leading you into this room with other dogs. Pretty soon, it’s like bye bye!
Dog 1: ….
Dog 2. I mean, I’m sure they’re just taking you for a checkup...
Dog 1: ….
Dog 2: I mean, they can’t do that. They love you too much!
Dog1: ….
Dog 2: Yeah, well, maybe you shouldn’t go to the vet tomorrow.
Dog 1: I need to leave town now.

This pair of mismatched brass A Dog's Tale Cufflinks includes one Sitting Dog cufflink and one Standing Dog cufflink, both are coated with silver.

Category: Man's Best Friend

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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