3 Dogs, 1 Bone Cufflink Set

Are you like Whoopi on The View? Someone who never stops talking and barking? If you are, you might want to tone down a bit and enjoy this cool set of doggie and bone cufflinks. It’s a double standard I know, but it’s never attractive when a man is too talkative. Take Andy Cohen, dude won’t stop talking anytime soon. He even has a book called “Most Talkative.” For the ladies, the only annoying host I can’t stand is Oprah. She has some good things to say, but man, when she gets out of hand, she talks...a lot! And of course, Kris Jenner. You can never get away from her.

This mismatched brass 3 Dogs, 1 Bone Cufflink Set includes one Sitting Dog cufflink, one Bone cufflink, one Dachshund cufflink and one Standing Dog cufflink. All these are coated with silver. 

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