007 Casino Royal Cufflinks

DIY Spy...

The name is Bond, James Pillsburry Bond. Yes, that’s how I feel right now with my pudgy belly and donuts all around. For weeks, all I’ve been doing is munching on anything I could find on the fridge and watching reruns of Dexter on TiVo. Anyway, since this pair is obviously a homage to Russian Roulette and the legendary James “I’m-so-handsome-I-can-get-any-other-girl-I-want-with-just-one-look” Bond.

As much as I enjoy Bond, I actually prefer Bond villains better. They are simply more fun to watch compared to watching handsome Bond flirt with hot babes all around. Man, I wish it was that easy for me too. Guess I have to go ahead and stop munching on these donuts first.

This pair of mismatched brass 007 Casino Royal Cufflinks includes one casino Roulette cufflink and one 007 Logo cufflink on black background.

Category: 007..., Secret Spy

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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