A Guide To the Hipster Look

Posted on May 14, 2014 by The Angry Unicorn

Angry Unicorn here, and if you buy only hot drinks so you can drink them before they get cool, you might be a hipster in training. If you get offended by Photoshops of Disney Princesses with thick glasses claiming to like bands just cause you never heard of them, then you’re a hipster who can’t take a joke. But maybe you’re a poser who just wants to look like one cause they’re kinda in right now.

Whatever, I don’t care what you humans do, but let me give you a guide on how to look the part.

First, you gotta get yourself a shirt with French Button cuffs and then find the ugliest Charlie Brown sweater you can find and toss that on over it. Grow out your beard if you can and get those thick rim glasses you found at the thrift store on. Now you’re ready to hiss at things that are popular and complain about things sucking now that they’re popular.

But wait, what about those cuffs. If you don’t link them up then you’re going to look like a hobo. Well, let’s take a look at some good choices for the Hipster lifestyle.

If you’re the type who wants to raise a message against the one percent, then hey, why not rock these White Collar Criminals cufflinks. When people ask you can say, “I’m not a part of the system but I’m going to look good to spite them.” You know what? If you have a tiny little molding knife, you could even make an etch in them every time you read about one of these rich dudes getting caught doing illegal stuff so that you can impress absolutely no one.

But maybe you wanna point out the facial hair you’ve been growing and get random strangers to ask where you like to go for a cup of joe. Then here’s a set I call Moustache and Coffee Cup. Cause growing out your facial hair and getting an awesome moustache or beard is even better when it gets in the way of your coffee. Thrill when you dip that six month growth into your Café Vinte Vanilla Cappucino and have to wonder if the hair you found is yours or not.

Hey, what about the true hallmark of the Hipster look, the attitude that you’re in on a secret that no one else is. Then, feast your eyes on the Villette set of Cufflinks from the guys at Bond47. Rock these when you’re wearing those Ninja Turtles buttons over your ensemble and when asked where you got these or what the design means, just look them dead in the eye and say. “I got these from a website, but you never heard of it and they’re talking about this place in France that you’ve never been to.”

So rock that look Hipster or Hipster wannabe! You’re welcome!

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