Not so FAQs---What is the Meaning of Life? When Should I Wear Cufflinks?

Posted on April 25, 2014 by The Angry Unicorn

Welcome to a most likely one time event that I call “Take this answer and stop asking me the same question!” Sure I could just put it in the FAQ but if that worked I wouldn’t get questions about the meaning of life all the time. But you aren’t here to waste my time with that (if you are, then buy some cuffs and I’ll listen to you whine all day).

One of the questions I get all the time, besides whether I live with ponies (Hell no!), is when is the best time to rock the awesome cufflinks that you can get from my website? Well sit right down and I’ll give you a free education in a class I like to call “How not to look like my mother dresses me?” (No apologies if your mother does dress you).

First, you gotta know that cufflinks are made for French cuff shirts. These are the kinds where the cuffs are folded back and fastened together; you could say you link the cuffs with cufflinks.

You are now enlightened.

Do you go to the pub to get wasted after a day at your mind numbing job? Try out these stormtrooper cufflinks as the best way to say you’re making dollars for the man. Wear your finest French cuff shirt with a clean pair of shoes and you’re looking pretty good. At least, if you actually clean your clothes more than once a month. Best part is, you get one black and white stormtrooper to tell the world that it doesn’t matter what race you are, we’re all gonna get shot by a farmboy from Tatooine, or some metaphor I can’t remember.

But what if you’re a boss or supervisor and you wanna head to that same pub. First, invest in a boom box so you can scare the crap outta the stormtrooper guys by blasting the Empire theme…and if you aren’t hearing it in your head right now then I pity you and your deprived childhood. When your underl--- I mean employees turn and look at you, be sure they see you wearing The White Collar Criminals set of cufflinks. If I gotta explain the joke, then you should reread that last paragraph. That’s the one for you.

But let’s say you wanna be traditional, grab a jacket, and wear a set of cufflinks to work. Then try on these bad boys right here; The Golden Musee Rodin set from Bond47. Besides the fact that the solid gold color is a striking addition to whatever the hell you’re wearing,  the fact that you could be donating a session of legal aid to an asylum seeker or refugee and their family means that you’re saving the world, and there is jack all classier than that.

So, to answer your question, dummy, Beer after wine, and you’ll feel fine. What’s that? You didn’t ask that?

Too frickin’ bad!


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